Jun 02 2021

Warden Spotlight: Clifton Robinson, North Wales

I recently spoke to Clifton after his weekly virtual kettle bells session to hear his volunteering story.   When Clifton was approaching retirement, he sent out a few emails to various charities offering his upcoming spare time. Our then site manager, Kylie Jones Mattock, quickly responded with...

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Apr 01 2021

Pine Martens at Cwm Mynach, Barmouth

UK Pine martens suffered a dramatic decline in the 19th Century due to persecution. Since 2015 their numbers have been increasing in mid-Wales thanks to a translocation and monitoring project headed by the Vincent Wildlife Trust.   Matthew Davies is a keen wildlife photographer who volunteers with...

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Mar 18 2021

Wales’ Celtic Rainforests

    [caption id="attachment_20223" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Moss covered forest floor, Phil Formby[/caption]     THE IMPORTANCE OF PROTECTING WALES’ CELTIC RAINFORESTS   Temperate rainforest, also known as Atlantic or Celtic rainforest, is an incredibly rare habitat, and even thought to be more threatened than tropical rainforest.   Temperate rainforest is also one of the...

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