Veteran trees in parkland estate
Jun 05 2019

Ancient tree verifiers: your top tips

I’ve spent the last few weeks meeting lots of verifiers in different parts of the UK. It’s been great fun meeting up with you and visiting some fantastic trees.   Along the way you’ve shared lots of your ideas and tips for recording and verifying trees. I...

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Jun 04 2019

Suffolk Show Success!

The Central Region Outreach team had a very successful time at the Suffolk Show this week promoting everything ‘Eastern Claylands’. In total: 143 landowners signed up for 219 Eastern Claylands tree disease packs. 573 trees were given out to the public. We had 13 requests for...

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Jun 03 2019

Super Campaigner News – June 2019

This month we welcome some wonderful new volunteers to Special Branch and prepare ourselves for the biggest lobby event of the year. It's also the final month for nominations for both Tree of the Year and the Volunteer of the Year. Don't miss out!   The Time...

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May 30 2019

Crinan Wood (a hidden gem)

On a recent holiday to Argyll and  on the recommendation of Gwen, the Glen Finglas ranger, I paid a visit to the Woodland Trust site at Crinan Wood.   On a beautiful evening I ascended the ‘rainforest’ from Crinan Harbour. A steep path, through wonderful atlantic oak...

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