Ancient trees in woodland setting
Mar 28 2018

Friends of Wadworth Shrubbery

Wadworth Shrubbery was once part of the 18th century estate of Wadworth Hall, situated on Wadworth Hall lane. This small narrow mature woodland comprises of 2.47 acres of Ancient Semi Natural Woodland, Conservation Area and Site of Scientific Interest. This site still contains some historic garden features...

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Mar 23 2018

A positive change for Broadleaf packaging!

We are delighted to tell you that Broadleaf packaging has had a make-over. It’s out with the previous polyethylene wrapping, and in with the lovely new FSC-certified paper envelope, beautifully designed with the issue’s front cover as above. As you’ll all be aware, there has been...

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Magazine front cover volunteer Judy hugging a tree
Feb 14 2018

Meet the woodland warriors

Words by Katharine Wootton from Yours magazine With many of our trees under threat as never before from disease and development, we explore the different ways three volunteers are coming to the rescue.   I help ancient trees thrive – Judy Dowling As a nursery teacher Judy used to...

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Man with a Springer spaniel
Feb 13 2018

Canine clampdown at Moncrieffe Hill

We are running a campaign for better behaved dogs and dog owners at Moncreiffe Hill Wood outside Perth. There has been a spate of problems including livestock disturbance, fouling and out of control dogs jumping on people. Site manager Jill Aitken decided it was time to steer dog owners...

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