Jul 05 2021

Amazing Grazing at Londonthorpe Woods

Londonthorpe Wood welcomed its new bovine residents as the grazing livestock moooo-ved onto the site recently. Hereford and Charolais cows will help us to keep the scrub under control in particular areas around the Alma Wood section of the site - once they’ve grazed one compartment, they will be moved on to another. Moving the cows...

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Jun 05 2021

Practical conservation heroes at Pepper Wood

Just a short distance away from Bromsgrove in Worcestershire, Pepper Wood is a much-loved community woodland, enjoyed by a number of visitors from all walks of life.     The Pepper Wood Woodland Working Group (WWG), also known as the Pepper Wood Community Group are based there and they are integral to the...

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WillesleyWood by Ian Retson
Jun 04 2021

Willesley Wood’s fantastic volunteer – Ian Retson

Woodland warden, guided walk leader and volunteer speaker, Ian Retson is a super volunteer! He is based in Leicestershire and predominantly carries out volunteering at Willesley Wood, but has also volunteered at neighbouring Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Wood (QEDJW). Ian has been volunteering with the Woodland Trust for 29 years and has supported...

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