Jun 14 2022

50th Years of Volunteering

To start the celebrations for our 50th Year at the Woodland Trust, we thought it would be a lovely idea to bring together a long serving volunteer and one of our first youth volunteers.


This anniversary is very special to volunteering as the Woodland Trust was formed by volunteers around a kitchen table in Devon in 1972.


As I mentioned in my article on the 2nd June I had the pleasure of filming a short video with two of our volunteers, just to reintroduce them:


Richard Cansdale has been a Volunteer Warden at our wonderful Hartburn Glebe site in Northumberland since we first purchased it in the early 1980’s, more than that, his Wife and her family were instrumental in helping us acquire it. While site managers have come and gone, Richard’s care and attention for the site has been steadfast and unwavering, not always in easy circumstances. It is this commitment, compassion, and stamina that I see in so many of our volunteers. I am so grateful to all our volunteers for their persistence and their belief that supporting woods and trees is worth their time.


The other volunteer who joined us, Sabaha, was one of our first Youth Volunteers, who then moved on to join us for a staff placement which has just come to an end. Sabaha kindly took what turned out to be an arduous train journey to and from Northumberland to meet Richard and share her experiences of volunteering while listening to tales about Richard’s journey. It was, I believe, a lovely experience for both Sabaha and Richard. The contrast yet shared values of their experience was quite interesting to witness.


You can watch the video here 


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