Jun 01 2022

Happy National Volunteers’ Week – Thank you to our Central England volunteers!

Happy National Volunteers Week to all Woodland Trust volunteers!


Our Regional Director Toby Bancroft wanted to thank you personally for all of your hard work, please find his video message here and a message from me, Amanda Brookes – Volunteering Development Officer for Central England here.


Over the past year we’ve benefitted from a huge amount of help and support from our volunteers across central England. Staff and volunteers form one big team who together stand up for woods and trees, thereby championing the Woodland Trusts’ cause. Thank you so much for choosing the Woodland Trust to volunteer with. We appreciate that time is precious and we are grateful for every single hour you give to us. Your help allows us to achieve so much more than we could without you, making the Woodland Trust an organisation that can effectively bring about positive change. Thanks a million!


Image 1                                                                                           Image 2                                                                                      Image 3


When I’ve been out and about, visiting groups and chatting with volunteers it’s always lovely to hear how much people value their volunteering role. The positive impact that volunteering has on people’s lives is well documented, but hearing the personal stories of how volunteering has helped people overcome various hurdles is the thing that makes my job especially rewarding. The last couple of years have been very challenging, so being able to leave worries behind for a couple of hours to go into the woods really helps, whether it is to carry out some practical conservation work, monitor wildlife species, record ancient trees, visit woods with a view to campaigning, to introduce others to our fantastic woods or to simply have a relaxing stroll!


I am always keen to hear different people’s volunteering stories, how they came into volunteering with the Woodland Trust, what they most enjoy about their role, interesting wildlife encounters they have had, the enjoyment they gain from meeting up with other volunteers and all sorts of other things. Please do get in touch if you have a story to share, it would be fantastic to hear from you and to share your experiences on Whittle!


Image 4                                                                                        Image 5                                                                                               Image 6


So far this year we’ve run a number of online talks for volunteers and we have face to face events starting in July. Head over to the events section of Whittle or the Woodland Trust volunteers Facebook page for more information. Do also let me know if you have any requests for particular themes or topics we could cover in a talk or training session or if you have any suggestions for places we could visit. The chances are that other volunteers will also be interested! In recent years we’ve organised courses that cover a wide range of conservation-focussed topics, and we’ve arranged visits to various woodlands, nature reserves and external organisations for a behind-the-scenes look at the management of various sites and to see the wildlife that thrives there.


Signing of with one final, huge thank you to our wonderful volunteers, you are amazing!


Amanda Brookes (Volunteering Development Officer – Central England)



Feature image Pexels.com
Images 1,2, 4 and 6 by Amanda Brookes
Image 3 by David Logan
Image 5 by Michael Heffernan


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