May 31 2022

Monitoring tree pest and diseases in the Central region -Links to YouTube videos

We are delighted to be able to share with you what we are doing to deal with the issues of tree pests and diseases in the central region.  


Tree loss is a huge issue and trees face a combination of pressures from multiple sides – climate change, inappropriate development and pollution to name a few. Tree pests and diseases form another major threat, and in parts of the UK where we’ve already seen major tree loss, those existing trees are being attacked by things like ash dieback, oak processionary moth caterpillar and acute oak decline. Stopping the arrival of new pests and diseases into the UK is vital, but what do we do about the ones that are already in the UK? 



Dealing with tree pests and diseases takes a huge team effort! Whilst Government level policy and guidelines provide a framework that we work within, on the ground site managers, contractors and volunteers put in a huge effort to survey, treat and control in order to protect trees from these threats. Our Observatree volunteers carry out vital work, providing us with an early warning system for potential new diseases and tracking progression of diseases that are already in the UK. Woodland Working Groups and third-party volunteer groups also keep an eye out for us and once a tree pest or disease is spotted on site (and as a result we need to manage our wood in a particular way) they support our action through practical conservation.  



We thought that the best way to tell you all about our work was via a series of videos. In the first our regional Director Toby Bancroft provides an introduction. Then we focus on two different examples of tree pest and disease, we tell you all about our work at Hainault Forest in Essex dealing with oak processionary moth caterpillar, and how we are managing ash dieback at Foxley Wood in Leicestershire. We also have filmed for you a panel discussion about our Central England approach to dealing with tree pests and diseases. This lively debate includes panel members Rebecca Gosling  (Conservation Evidence Officer  Tree Health), Ian Froggatt ( Estate Manager: Central England), Stuart Holm (Outreach Manager: Central England) and Christina Joachim (Communications and Engagement Manager: Central England). The panel is chaired by Regional Director for Central England Toby Bancroft. 

The videos can be found by following the YouTube links below:


Introduction from Toby Bancroft Regional Director for Central England 


Hainault Forest – Dealing with OPM 

Tree pests and diseases panel discussion 


All images thanks to Stephen Middleton

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