May 31 2022

Celebrating 10 years at Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Wood

Her Majesty the Queen’s upcoming platinum jubilee celebration also marks a big milestone for us – 10 years of the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Wood (QEDJW)!


In 2011, the Woodland Trust hatched a plan to create 60 new woods across the UK by planting 6 million trees. This was both to create more space for nature, and to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. Our plan was for one of the woods to be the flagship. We applied to Buckingham Palace for permission, which was warmly granted and we were thrilled when the Palace said that HRH The Princess Royal would become the Patron. Princess Anne came to plant the first tree at QEDJW on June 1, 2012, the day before the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It was a rare and native tree – a black poplar, which is situated overlooking the lake. That tree was followed by 300,000 more across the site and these were planted by a great many enthusiastic volunteers. Members of the local community attended tree planting events, Woodland Trust volunteers from the woodland working group planted trees and also we had a huge amount of help from our corporate partners, whose staff planted trees for us too!


Since then, we have increased the size of the wood by purchasing two extensions in 2019 and 2020. In fact, to date, we have planted nearly half a million trees to create the 267-hectare QEDJW. Native tree species planted at the wood included Field Maple, Common Alder, Silver Birch, Sweet Chestnut, Hazel, Hawthorn, Spindle, Alder Buckthorn, Holly, Crab Apple, Aspen, Bird Cherry, Oak, Elder, Whitebeam, Rowan and Lime. The mix of habitats, such as newly-created woodland, ancient woodland, grass meadows and wetlands are host to a range of wildlife species, including noctule, Daubenton’s and Pipistrelle bat, various butterfly species and many woodland, grassland and wetland bird species, both native and migratory.



We are pleased to announce that some special features will be installed at QEDJW in honour of the Queen in her platinum year. This landmark anniversary offers an opportunity to reflect on the Queen’s reign as we celebrate her past, present and future. To visually represent this passage of time, over the last 10 years we’ve commissioned several thought- provoking artworks. These include time trail medallions, a human sun dial, a ‘Now and Then’ landscape artwork and a Legacy photo plinth.


To celebrate the platinum jubilee we will be hosting a celebratory trail through our jubilee groves throughout the month of June. This is a free and self-led and by following directional arrows from the car park visitors will be able to experience highlights of the Queen’s reign and view the celebratory art installation down by the lake at the end of the trail.


We are also refreshing the panels within the welcome barn, so look out for those on your next visit!



Article by Jenny Carpenter (Engagement and Communications Officer- Central England) and Amanda Brookes (Volunteering Development Officer – Central England)

Feature image: Robert Read WTML

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