May 30 2022

Upgrades continue to popular Northern Ireland woodlands

During the past few months the Estate team in Northern Ireland have been busy working on upgrades to some of our most popular woodlands.

In County Down we have been hard at work in much loved Glasswater Wood, having recently secured the adjacent land to offer a larger carpark to accommodate visitors we have also introduced new walking trails as part of the ongoing site upgrades, images below show some of our new paths ready to explore.  










Moving across the country to our Faughan Valley woodlands there has been lots of activity ongoing which we will update you all on very soon, recently completed works in this area have been new signage installed at Burntollet. The new signage was included in works funded by DEARA/NIEA which also included upgrades to tracks and improved drainage.











Other upgrades are taking place with new signage being installed at Drumnaph Wood, The Drum, Faughan Valley and of course our newest woodland Mourne Park. 

Watch out for further updates over the coming months as we move into an exciting delivery phase in the Faughan Valley with the introduction of new trail networks and sculpture trail!

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