May 18 2022

Welcome to the South East’s new ‘ECO’, Vicky

The Engagement and Communications Officer, or ‘ECO’, is a vital cog in the wheel of the South East region’s team, as it is in other Countries and regions. Here, we discover more about the new lady joining in this role, which involves organising events, managing content for social media and working with Site Managers on interpretation requests. Welcome, Vicky, and over to you!


“My career started in outdoor education with Suffolk Wildlife Trust back in 2018, working with a wide range of audiences but predominantly children on school visits at nature reserves in my home county of Suffolk. COVID saw a shift in my career path as activity delivery halted and I moved focus to visitor engagement and communications while working for the RSPB at Minsmere. After completing my summer contract, I returned to Suffolk Wildlife Trust driven with my new focus to create exciting and engaging opportunities for visitors and to develop my role as a nature communicator. My role was funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund at our flagship site, Carlton Marshes, which is well worth a visit if you’re a wetland lover!


Though I’ve only just started in my role for the Woodland Trust, I know I’ll most enjoy getting out to our beautiful sites all over the South East for events and activities. Delivering events and engaging with the public have been highlights of my previous roles.


Vicky Bolton, South East Engagement and Communications Officer


Finally, if I had to choose a favourite tree, it would be Elder. I love elder not only for its beauty but for its versatility – the flowers which can be turned to cordial in the summer and then berries cooked and used in scrumptious recipes. I also enjoy using elder in bush crafts to make beads for jewellery or making them into pencils with charcoal made on a camp fire.”


Thanks so much again to Vicky for writing this article and we look forward to working with you.


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