May 17 2022

Youth Volunteering – A Vision for the Future

The Woodland Trust’s vision is to create ‘a world where trees and woods thrive for people and nature’. To achieve this vision, we will be involving more young people across our work over the coming years. We want to ensure that young people become our inspiration and that their views influence and inform our plans going forward. Our goal is to achieve meaningful impact with and for young people as beneficiaries and key stakeholders of the UK’s trees and woodland – now and for the future.


Youth Volunteering will have a part to play in this. We currently have very successful and thriving youth volunteering at Mead, our first forest of youth. Over the course of the following year there will be more developments of youth volunteering. We have had a vacancy in the National Volunteering Team for some time, the role has been refocused, part of this focus will be to provide the infrastructure and tools to our colleagues in the countries, regions and national networks to create opportunities for youth volunteering roles.


Currently outside of Mead under 18’s still need to be accompanied by a parent and both need to have completed the recruitment process and be registered as volunteers. Please do keep this in mind, this is important for safeguarding existing volunteers and young people. I know it can be tempting to bring along children for a woodland working group activity day, we just ask that you please register them first in the normal manner. This will mean that they are insured for the activities and all safeguards are in place.


If you would like to understand more about safeguarding, we have two optional online courses, ‘An Introduction to Safeguarding’ and a level one equivalent safeguarding young people. If you would like to be enrolled on either course, please drop us a line at


We will keep you updated about youth volunteering developments and any opportunities to get involved or trial any new projects through Whittle.


All the best

Paul Taylor

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