May 05 2022

Meet the volunteers – a glimpse inside Team South East

The volunteer conference in late April caused a great buzz across the Countries and Regions and we really hoped you enjoyed delving into the work that you support across the Trust. From Scotland’s rainforests to quizzing the senior management team, here in the South East, we focused on showcasing who and where our volunteers are busy as we often get asked about the wider team you are part of. Ahead of the virtual event, we invited volunteers to submit short videos talking about their roles and got some great content in return! They were so great that we want to use them as much as possible, starting with… now!

So, happy watching. We hope you enjoy our ‘speed networking’ feature and if you have any questions about your role or others, please do get in touch by emailing 


David Hatcher – various roles at Langley Vale Farm, Surrey, and volunteer speaker



Hilary Hinks – Outreach volunteer and Ancient Tree Recorder for the Lost Woods of the Low Weald and Downs project



Jeremy Nason – volunteer Ancient Tree Recorder for the Lost Woods… project



Alan Aylward – various roles at Langley Vale Wood, Surrey and volunteer speaker


Please also click below to view more videos: 

Craig – Woodland Warden, Penn Wood, Buckinghamshire. Inspecting storm damage

Natalie – Woodland Warden at Hucking, Kent

Gary and Lottie – Woodland Warden, Nellington Wood and Hurst Wood, Kent


Thanks for all that you do and I hope that you get a sense from these videos the great team that you are part of.


Apologies to John Triggs, Woodland Working Group Leader for Warren Farm, Surrey. Unfortunately, your video would not upload to this article but it was part of the Volunteer Conference and I have also shared on our volunteer Facebook group, as it was so excellent. Thank you!


Words: Anna Claxton, Volunteer Development Officer (South East)

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