May 03 2022

Spring has sprung – the orchids of Kent

Spring is here in all its glory and heralded by some fantastic wildlife sightings, not least from our woodland flowers. At Earley Wood in Kent, our volunteer warden, wildlife monitor and orchid specialist, Dr Rob Lyne, has kindly documented some of the superb colors emerging on site recently, enjoying the early purple orchids and some other floral favourites.


Group of early purple orchids


Early purple orchid


Early purple orchid, clearly showing spotted leaves


Yellow archangel coming into flower


Wood anemones




Herb Paris, an ancient woodland indicator species


It’s easy to see why Earley Wood is part of the North Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. If you would like to visit, please see more information here:

You can also find out more about the early purple orchid, and explore other orchids, here:


Thanks again to Dr Rob Lyne for all images and his time, obviously extended to all volunteers who support our sites, keeping them looking beautiful and creating the habitats that allow such beautiful species to thrive.


Words: Anna Claxton, Volunteer Development Officer, South East

Pictures: Dr Rob Lyne, Volunteer Warden and Wildlife Monitor

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