Apr 21 2022

Storm damage case study – Stoke Wood, Oxfordshire

Now Spring is here, the storms of February, which came to wreak havoc one after the other, seem like a distant memory. However, for Site Managers across the Trust, it has been a busy time, working hard to clear up the destruction caused. It has cost hundreds of thousands of pounds and countless man hours to sort out the damage. Here, George Griffiths, one of our newer Site Manager in Bucks/Berks/Oxon, explains his experience at one of his woods, Stoke Wood in Oxfordshire…


“It was great to be thrown in the deep end with storm Eunice, an event that showed that the Woodland Trust Estate team/ volunteers and contractors can achieve so much in a short space of time. Stoke Wood really opened my eyes to how team work makes so much impact, coupled with some heavy duty machinery. With our Volunteer Warden, Fiona, acting as our eyes on the ground – reporting back on the day after the storm all of the trees that had sadly been affected by Eunice- it was clear the damage made the site almost inaccessible and unsafe for visitors.

The next step was to visit the site to assess these trees and other reported trees that were down on fence lines and across foot paths. Our EMC who would usually carry out this clear up were busy clearing trees on eight other sites so one of our trusted harvesting contractors was utilised. The contractor was able to get on site within days of being contacted and had the site safe and open just a day after. Fantastic work all round from volunteers, contractors and staff.


Special thanks to Volunteer Warden Fiona and the very active group of volunteers who work at Stoke Wood doing a fantastic job helping to tidy up after the storm damage work had been complete.”


Thanks to volunteers across the South East who were vital in supporting this massive operation and to the whole team for their immense effort.


Words: George Griffiths, Site Manager (BBO) and Anna Claxton, Volunteer Development Officer, South East

Pics: George Griffiths

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