Apr 20 2022

Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee – 2022

10 years now

Well, what a transformation in just under 10 years.   The wood with the recent extensions now amounts to about a square mile in area and is the largest single wood in the National Forest. Over the past two years tree guards and fences have been removed from the original plantings.  Fences have been installed for the two new extensions which have now been fully planted.  These include the Black Horse Wood in the south and the Nectar Wood (an extension to the Sainsbury’s sponsorship of the site) which is the middle ‘field’ of the northern extension. They may not look very pretty now but we know what they will look like before long!



Woodland Working  Group

Over the winter months the WT have recruited a Woodland Working Group.  We are now 11 strong and have progressively started coppicing willow in the patch between Barn and Lake where they were interplanted with oak.  This should give the Oak more of the share of light and resources.  Work has now paused here as wildlife takes charge for the summer.  We have plenty left for the autumn.  Over the summer months we will be diverting to tidying activities.



2022 Happenings

New Ladder boards are appearing on site.  The image below is from the sign just opposite the entrance to the Black Horse Wood (located at the orange spot on the map).  Lloyds bank are the sponsors not only of this grove but also many of the trees that the Woodland Trust give away in the Community Tree Packs.   Other ladder boards are on their way not just for the new entrances but also to replace the originals.



The door to the bird hide has been replaced and the boardwalk in the ancient wood is receiving attention.

The interpretation boards in the Visitor Barn are soon to be replaced.  ‘Writers’ are currently creating them reflecting the enlarged site along with its varied history and future for people, wildlife and the environment.  Several other ideas are being worked on I understand.  There are plans for a Platinum celebration upgrade to the Jubilee trail and a temporary regal willow structure at its lake side end during June.   You will have to come and see for yourself!


The National Forest Walking Festival

This is back this year running from 14th to 26th May.  There are 85 walks shown in the guide.  QEDJW features in two of them:

No. 3  Saturday 14th May 10:30 start  – a 4 mile stroll within the wood and

No. 44 Friday 20th 10:30 start a 10-mile circuit enclosing QEDJW, Sence Valley park, Heather and Cattow’s.   This walk explores several Green Lanes.  This picture is of the lane alongside Normanton Wood taken last summer

There are plenty of alternative choices of course.  Have a look:  https://www.nationalforest.org/visit/national-forest-walking-festival

The creator of the willow weave internal roof of the bird hide also created the ‘13’ that features on the Black Sabbath album cover of that name.  Ours is not for burning though!



Well worth a visit.

Summer will soon be with us.  This is how the lake looked last July. Don’t miss out!




Gerald Price – Woodland Trust Volunteer

Feature and subsequent images – Gerald Price

National Forest map – Woodland Trust


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