Apr 07 2022

Additional land acquired at Snaizeholme


Back in June 2021, we took on 550 acres of grazing land at Snaizeholme in the Yorkshire Dales.

We’re delighted to announce that since acquiring the original piece of land, we’ve received enough support to secure an extension that will wrap around the head and western flanks of the valley.

This includes two wonderful areas of limestone pavement and the extensive peat moorland of Grove Head It means that in total we’ll manage just under 1,400 acres to allow nature recovery and help combat the effects of climate change.

The work we do here will restore an entire ecosystem, lock away carbon for years to come, and help mitigate flooding in the catchment.

Our vision of a mosaic of habitats for a host of threatened wildlife species, including the rare red squirrel, is now within our grasp.

We still need your help to raise £7 million to complete the careful planting and restoration work this important upland landscape deserves to ensure its future, but the hard work can now begin.

Donate to the ongoing appeal for Snaizeholme and its wildlife now, at: https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/support-us/give/appeals/snaizeholme/

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