Mar 25 2022

Sighting of the month – March!

The beautiful spring weather took your roving Volunteer Development Officer off on a few road trips, the final one this week being to Home Farm, near Alton, Hampshire. A stunning mixed habitat, this site really has it all and, along with a small group of volunteers, I enjoyed a walk with Site Manager, Phil Truluck, who told us all about how he has been managing it over the past five years, not least introducing us to a highland cow grazing the site, who we decided to call Dave. It was wonderful to spend some time in the sunshine after the most uncertain times of the last few years. These experiences really do connect you to the cause we are all striving to support.


In addition to learning about Phil’s work, we were treated to several wildlife sightings, from kestrel to marsh tits, brimstone butterflies to red kite and more besides. However, this month’s special sighting goes to the seven-spot ladybird, picked out by Nicola Williams, Volunteer Warden and Wildlife Monitor.

Seven-spot ladybird, sighted at Home Farm


You can find out more about this delightful little mini-beast here:

Do you have a sighting you would like to share? If so, please do email


Words: Anna Claxton, Volunteer Development Officer (South East)

Pictures: Sarah Shaw and Lynne Harrison (soon-to-be volunteer at Home Farm, Hampshire)

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