Mar 16 2022

Lloyds banking group tree planting in Queens Green Canopy City

Lloyds corporate volunteers recently gathered on a bright but chilly Spring morning in Birmingham to help plant 1001 trees as part of a special celebration!  


Birmingham has recently been designated a Queens Green Canopy City, and to celebrate Birmingham Trees for Life (BTFL) organised a tree planting session at Pype Hayes Park. BTFL is a charity dedicated to tree planting and to raising awareness and understanding of the importance and value of trees. They plant trees across Birmingham and involve lots of different community groups and residents. They have overseen the planting of an enormous number of trees – 90,000 since 2006 and have engaged with 13,000 volunteers and 6000 school children which is a huge achievement! The Woodland Trust has worked with BTFL for several years and we hope that this continues long into the future! 


At Pype Hayes Park a super bunch of volunteers helped with the planting, including 30 children from the local primary school, 13 members of the Green S Welfare group, BTFL volunteers and 24 of our friends from Lloyds Banking Group 



First there was a ceremonial tree planting to mark the designation of Birmingham becoming a Queens Green Canopy City with special guests including Birmingham Lord Mayors’ deputy, Cllr Mike Sharpe, Cllr John O’Shea, and marathon runner Hayley Caruthers who is representing England in the Commonwealth games.  


Following a brief tree planting demonstration, the volunteers got stuck into tree planting and worked very quickly to plant the saplings in a selected area of the park. Trees were provided by the Woodland Trust and species planted included oak, hazel, rowan, hawthorn, crab apple and dog wood. There was a lovely feeling of community spirit and motivation to get the job done, with everyone enjoying the fresh air and having the chance to make a positive impact on the environment through tree planting.  


The Lloyds Banking Group colleagues really appreciated the opportunity to be involved. Many of them commented that they had not seen each other for a long while, as the pandemic had changed ways of working, so they were happy to see each other again and to be out helping as part of their pledge to volunteer at least one day a year with a charity or community project. They also appreciated the chance to take part in a volunteering opportunity on their doorstep, making a real change in their local area.  


Many thanks to our partners at Lloyds Banking Group for supporting this event! 



Text and Images from Amanda Brookes (Volunteering Development Officer: Central England)

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