Feb 16 2022

South West region exciting new woodland creation site

Some of you may have seen our appeal about an exciting opportunity for us in the South West region. We are hopeful if we secure the funds via the appeal to purchase a 54 hectare woodland creation site close to Lympstone in Devon.

Set on the slopes of a scenic rural valley in East Devon, the land has areas of broadleaf woodland, several streams and a scattering of isolated veteran trees, which would once have been part of hedgerows, criss-crossing fields.

What makes this land such a prize is the outstanding array of rare wildlife which can be found nearby, and which we hope will move in once the right habitat has been established.

With its proximity to Exeter, stunning views and picturesque valley-side location near the Exe Estuary Site of Special Scientific Interest, we’re confident this land can become a flagship woodland for the Trust in the south west, with a network of paths giving easy access to visitors and the local community.

Volunteers will play a key part in creating the new wooded landscape, and we’ve also pledged to create the wood without using plastic tree shelters – heralding our new commitment to have a plastic free estate.

If we are successful in completing the purchase of this land then a visit to the creation site will be part of the volunteer regional conference in November 2022.

  • Glen Williams

    Can you please notify me if you do buy the woodland. Myself and my partner would love to volunteer

    March 9, 2022 at 7:17 pm

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