Feb 16 2022

Save the dates…we’re up and running with outdoor events again!

I’m so pleased that in 2022 we will be back up to a full complement of Scotland volunteer gatherings, and we have some exciting days out planned for you.


If you’d like to come along, then please do put the dates in your calendars, and we’ll be sending booking details nearer the time.


All our events are a mixture of learning activities, being in beautiful places, good food and a chance to have a blether and network with staff and other volunteers.  The events are intended to be relaxed and informal and a chance to have an interesting and enjoyable day out.


They are all free to attend, including the catering, and we contribute to your travel expenses (a maximum of 120 miles return mileage at 45p per mile or equivalent public transport prices).


So here are our 2022 events:



4th June – Tree ID day – Glen Finglas Estate 


Jenni Martin, ethnobotanist, will deliver training in tree identification.  Jenni will also share her knowledge of the cultural connections of tree species…what they were used for historically, and folklore surrounding our native tree species.


Each session with Jenni will last half a day, and for the other half of the day we will provide another activity, tbc, but likely to be a guided walk and/or a practical conservation task on this stunning estate.



Booking is already open for this event – please email mematildascharsach@woodlandtrust.org.uk if you would like to secure a place.  Places are limited for this event so I regret that we cannot accommodate partners / friends.





17th or 18th June – you choose which to attend – Lichen walk and bracken trampling – Crinan Wood, Argyll 


Take a walk with an expert lichenologist through this wonderful slice of Scotland’s rainforest.  April Windle will talk us through the identification and ecology of the beautiful and varied lichens that festoon this woodland.


The lichen walk will be half a day and for the other half of the day you will be helping us control the bracken that is hampering natural regeneration on the site.  It won’t be too much like hard graft though…we will be using the simple bracken trampling, which should be good fun…trampling with a spectular view!


Booking is already open for this event – please email me – matildascharsach@woodlandtrust.org.uk if you would like to secure a place.  Please specify which of the two days you would like to attend. Places are limited for this event so I regret that we cannot accommodate partners / friends.  




10th September – Bammff Estate Wildland visit


The Ramsay Family are rewinding their beautiful estate in Perthshire.  They are trialing some interesting and experimental styles of wood pasture , and the Woodland Trust have been supporting them with their woodland creation.


Bammff House and a taster of a view of some of the wonderful landscape


We will spend the day at the estate, having a look at some of the habitat restoration work, and at the parts of the estate where beavers thrive. 


Ecological restoration at Bamff began in the early 1990s with the re-creation of wetlands through reverse drainage schemes and woodland planting – from farm woodlands on the low ground to native pine woods on the hill.  This was followed in 2002 with the pioneering introduction of beavers.  Now, at the start of the 2020s, they plan to undertake a catalysed rewilding project to create a richly biodiverse area of wild land out of 166 hectares of marginal farmland and plantations.


Have a look at their website here: https://www.bamff.co.uk/




1st October  – Tree pests and diseases – Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh 


We are delighted to be able to run this event at the beautiful and fascinating Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.  You will meet Rebecca Gosling, who heads up our Observatree Project and manages the associated volunteers, and David David Slawson, Lead Observatree volunteer for Scotland, as well as other RBGE staff.  


You’ll find out about pests and diseases affecting trees in Scotland and our work to help slow their progress and mitigate their effects, and also find out what you can do to help.  If I can work some magic we’ll also get a tour of the incredible Herbarium, where you can see specimens of leaves and seeds from a vast array of historically significant plants, including the original Douglas Firs that arrived in the UK.


We’ll be in the stunning David Douglas room and you’ll have some time after the event for an unaccompanied look round the garden and glasshouses.


The David Douglas Room where we will be for part of the day


Don’t forget all our monthly online virtual talks as well.  These are all listed in the events part of Whittle.


Hope to see you at one of the above!

Best wishes,


Matilda Scharsach

Scotland Volunteering Development Officer







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