Feb 16 2022

Green light for Green Farm in Norfolk!

We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Green Farm in Norfolk


The purchase of 119 hectares on the edge of the village of Thompson will almost double the area of land the Woodland Trust own in Norfolk. We plan to plant around 140,000 trees and create a mosaic of habitats including broadleaf woodland, natural grassland, wood pasture, and 2km of newly planted hedges to link up isolated veteran trees. 


Green Farm will help to provide joined-up and more varied habitats for red list Biodiversity Action Plan birds such as the woodcock, marsh tit and lesser redpoll. A network of accessible paths across Green Farm, will create a new recreational space for the county of Norfolk. 


We will work closely with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust who own neighbouring land to protect its pingo ponds. Also known as a kettle lake, a pingo is a very rare type of pond. There are dozens in the Brecks in Norfolk – the largest density in the UK. They were created as glaciers retreated and they left hard lenses of ice pressed into the ground, with soil over the top of them. When things warmed up it caused the lenses to melt forming a depression filled with water – a pingo pond. They are now home to many endangered species such as the emerald damselfly and the great crested newt. Sadly, the pingos are under threat from the adverse effects of nutrient enrichment, but our acquisition of Green Farm will help alleviate this problem. 



We have been able to buy the site through some very generous supporters leaving us legacies for Norfolk. We are continuing to fundraise to support creation and project costs and we have been supported to date by the FCC Community fund and the Players of the People Postcode Lottery. A local fundraising ask is going out across Norfolk during February as well as news of the site purchase going to our members and supporters via our newsletters. 


Our Green Farm appeal page is now live, and recently we ran 2 community consultation days in Thompson community hall, where the project team were able to chat to local residents about our plans and vision for Green Farm. Across the 2 sessions we spoke to 183 people, it was great to speak to locals and hear their views. Local opinions were supportive of the sale and the community took the team to their hearts, with many offers of help, tea, and cake, which is always a good sign! 


Jenny Carpenter – Engagement and Communication Officer (Central England

Images by Ian Froggatt

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