Feb 15 2022

Woodland Trust Volunteer Survey

You should all now have received a link via email asking you to complete our volunteer survey. This has been much delayed due to covid restrictions, furloughed staff and the cyber incident.


Please do complete the survey and share with us your views. The last survey in 2017 helped shape the volunteer framework that we launched in 2018. We are currently working to develop new volunteer systems, digital and otherwise to provide better support to our volunteers and our staff that support volunteers.


The information you feed in will affect how we move forward. We will publish the results and the actions that follow the results. We want to hear what works well, what doesn’t and what your ideas and suggestions are for moving forward.


We need to gather feedback from at least 25% of our volunteers for the results to be valid, last time 32% of you got involved and gave us your feedback, I’m sincerely hoping we get a similar response. That will enable us to pick out recurring themes of feedback with confidence from across the roles and across the UK.


The survey is anonymous, and the feedback will be produced into our regions and countries to allow the local and national teams to reflect on any patterns and themes and produce an appropriate action plan.


We’d really appreciate it if you could take the time to tell us what you think.

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