Feb 09 2022

From small acorns…

Garth Dingle and From Woods, near Hay on Wye, is a small woods but important for the local community. It’s a green haven, a great space for reflection and of course the daily dog walk!


This determined and loyal team of volunteers are expertly led by Jed Needs when they meet once a month. They met for the first time in November 2021 when they contended with steep slopes and carried out oak thinning. This allows more space, light and other resources for the remaining oak to mature into ancient giants… in due course.


So far this year the team have continued thinning the oak plantation and been developing a path to complete a loop through the woods for all to enjoy. Having a dedicated path helps direct visitors through the woods and avoid trampling of wider areas which can damage the flora found there. One volunteer comments, “Working as a WT volunteer in Garth Dingle has given me a sense of ownership of the woods which I never had before.”


The group will continue to maintain the site and later this year we hope to have some tasks for them in nearby Rook Wood too. Plus we will be looking for more volunteers to join the group.



Written by Martha Boalch, Wales VDO, with thanks to Jed Needs to the photos.

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