Feb 08 2022

Introducing…The Woodland Creation Guide

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Woodland Creation Guide. This document is the result of many months of hard work and dedication from a multitude of folk across the Trust (and beyond). It will play a key role in helping us deliver our vision of a UK rich in native woods and trees, for people and wildlife. HUGE thanks and appreciation go to everyone that has worked so hard to make this happen. 
We know that to address the climate and nature crises facing our society we need to deliver ambitious targets for increasing the extent of native woods and trees. And, to really drive nature recovery and make a difference to people’s lives, woodland creation needs to be intricately planned and delivered with our conservation principles at its core. 
The establishment of naturally functioning, wildlife-rich woods and trees takes years – so the guide encourages long-term thinking and provides a framework split into five key phrases, Vision, Assess, Design, Initiate and Establish. It’s intended to be a drop-in reference document and a signpost to other useful resources. It is not a prescriptive or detailed technical manual – we encourage creativity and imagination, using the guide as a consistent approach for delivery at any scale. 
We think there are some really exciting principles in the guide which the Woodland Trust can use to lead in forward-thinking woodland creation approaches. These include:  
  • An outcomes focused approach ensuring new woods and trees are created to meet each sites’ unique vision and objectives 
  • Thorough site assessment and inclusive stakeholder engagement
  • Nature recovery principles including encouraging structural complexity & natural processes
  • Thoughtful and creative design which blurs the boundaries between habitats and land uses
  • An approach beyond planting – seeking opportunities for natural colonisation or direct seeding where possible
  • A long-term approach to establishment, ensuring monitoring and additional interventions support the development of naturally functioning woods and trees 
Where can I read it? 
You can download a copy of the guide at  woodlandtrust.org.uk/woodlandcreation  
Any questions?  
If you have questions about the guide drop a line to conservation@woodlandtrust.org.uk 
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