Dec 23 2021

Owls galore!

Jo King, one of the wonderful long-standing volunteer wardens at Lang Craigs, near Dumbarton, is wildlife mad!


She has worked with the Site Manager, Roy Barlow, to erect a large number of bird and bat boxes throughout the site, which is fantastic.Ā 


This photo of a barn owl was taken using a camera installed in a nestbox in our wood by Alistair Laming of the Clyde Ringing Group.




…and here is a cozy tawny having a snooze in the same box!




It’s great to have these boxes, which improve the habitat capacity in woods where the trees might not be old enough to have plenty of holes and other suitable roosting and nesting places for birds and nooks and crannies for bat hibernaculums.


Well done team Lang Craigs!


Matilda Scharsach

Scotland Volunteering Development Officer.

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