Nov 30 2021

Woodland Working Group Leader is knight in shining armour

Ian Riches is a warden at Kinclaven Bluebell Wood, as well as a Woodland Working Group leader there.

If it wasn’t for Ian, we wouldn’t have been able to spring into action on Saturday 27th November to appoint a contractor to make safe damage to trees caused by storm Arwen.



Perthshire was badly hit, and Ian was on the phone to staff early in the day to inform us that over 30% of the remaining conifers were down, with several hanging dangerously and leaning on other trees.  Several of the paths were also blocked.  The top had also come off one of the huge, old beech trees, with branches hanging precariously.



The beech tree with the hanging branch.


Here are some more of Ian’s pictures…he says they don’t truly reflect the scale of the damage.


Ian taped off dangerous areas so that it was already made safe for when the Site Manager and another Woodland Working Group Member, a qualified forester, arrived to assess the damage.


Well done Ian, and all is not lost with the wind-blow….it will allow us to begin the process of replacing the non-native conifers with native broadleaf trees.


This is just one more example of how valuable volunteers are to the Woodland Trust!


Matilda Scharsach

Scotland Volunteering Development Officer

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