Nov 22 2021

Award success with the National Forest!

We recently attended the biennial National Forest Woodland Management Awards, and are pleased to say we won 2 awards…


We submitted a joint application for Top Wood and neighbouring Grangewood which is privately managed. The 2 sites which are 80ha and 60ha respectively are being managed with a collaborative, landscape scale approach to maximise the effectiveness of the various management objectives being implemented. Work across both sites is delivered by our Estates Management Contractor (EMC) – Robin from WildWood Forestry.


The first award won was the NFC Silva Award for ‘Woodlands showing exemplary silvicultural management, including; developing high timber quality, producing climate resilience, protecting from pest and disease, use of innovative forestry practises and marketing of produce.’ Judges were particularly impressed with our plans to improve natural flood management.


The second award we took home was the NFC Woodland of the Year Award for ‘Woodlands that have show innovative silviculture, but are also fantastic for wildlife and people”


Huge congratulations to all involved in these sites, especially David Logan (site manager), Jane Kirkland (owner of Grangewood) and Robin Brooke(our EMC in the National Forest).




Jenny Carpenter – Engagement and Communications Officer (Central England region)

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