Nov 11 2021

Bishop’s Knoll Volunteer Newsletter November 2021

Another useful morning on the first day of the half term. Given that the weather was fine it was not surprising to find the wood full of visitors. At one time in the morning we estimated there were more than 40 in the wood. The usual stalwarts turned out for the Working Party minus one or two regulars who had other commitments. We divided our force of 8 into three groups

Jay finished stacking the brashings we started last time. This ensured that as our “First Aider of the Day” he was centrally placed for any call on his skills – fortunately not required!

All shipshape now though it looks as if some more Ash will have to come down soon
Below him on the Middle Steps Richard and David were busy replacing some of the step and repairing others. Many of the other steps are rather short and we will need to get some more planking to be able to replace these but it is not urgent.

David and Richard’s replacement at the Middle steps

Meanwhile back at the Bramble Drive entrance Chris and John were attending to the trip hazards which have been on our “to do” list for far too long. As we had anticipated this was no easy task and together with another they had discovered outside the gate that took them most of the morning. However

One out………………………………………………… and two more to go!


John and Chris get special mention as having finished this they turned their attention to the* trin hoards on the Lower path




now you see them…………………………………….. now you don’t


Thanks guys! You get the gold star this month!


That left Bev and Martyn on Laurel pulling duty while your Hon Sec trudged up and down the hill removing all the old ironwork beside the lower path which has now been taken to the tip.

As we all noted there were record numbers of visitors as this was a sunny first day of the half term. At one point there were 50 (yes fifty!) visitors in the wood: the lot – families, dog walkers, cyclists!

More Vandalism?

The only bad news is the following morning Peter and Jenny reported, this damage at the Lookout where the display board had been unrooted and the railings detached. No empty cans of Thatchers or cylinders of gas this time. This has been reported to Joe and your Hon Sec did some hasty temporary repairs on Sunday morning to make things safe and Joe has now re­instated the notice board as he and David were down repainting the seat.


Other News

The Montessori play group are back in action in the Wood and greatly appreciating the facilities. They now have groups on Monday and Friday. The knitting on the water trough railings and the new bivouacs is theirs. They will remove them when the weather gets too bad for them to visit the wood, but I am sure you will agree it is no problem in the meanwhile!

The next Workling Party is scheduled for November 20th and looks like being mainly Laural
removal and path work at the tunnel . See you then!

Thanks to Chris for providing this newsletter

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