Nov 05 2021

Fancy popping some birch this weekend?

The Portmoak Community Woodland Group, who work hard to support the management of Portmoak Moss and Kilmagad Wood, are running a birch popping activity on Sunday 7th November…all are welcome as it’s a public event.


Jeff, the Chairperson of the group writes:


Hi folks,

Don’t wait for COP26: you can do something positive for the climate this weekend.
Our project to restore Portmoak Moss to an active, healthy peat bog is going well. The recent work thinning out trees around the perimeter and re-profiling the edges will help keep the dome nice and wet.
On Sunday we’ll be removing birch regen – essential to stop the peat dome being over-run with scrub which will dry and it and degrade it. Why not join us and help the climate?


Sunday 7 November 10:30 – 4 p.m
Portmoak Moss
The surface will be wet – wear boots or shoes suitable for rough, wet ground.
If you’ve got gardening gloves and safety specs, please bring them.
We’ll be Covid-secure of course.


Why do peat bogs matter?


+ Peat bogs cover 12% of the UK land surface and store 3 billion tonnes of carbon. That’s 20 times the biomass of all the forests in the UK.
+ Scotland has 140 years of greenhouse gas held in its peat bogs.
+ Portmoak Moss stores the carbon footprint of 40,000 people.
– 80% of our peat bogs are degraded and releasing 10 million tons per year of carbon.
– If they were all healthy they would be extracting 3 million tonnes per year

  • Our restoration of Portmoak Moss is a big success. The bog is healthy, growing and taking carbon out of the atmosphere.
  • We’re seeing a tremendous increase in biodiversity in flora, like fungi and plants; in insects like moths, butterflies, dragonflies and damsel flies; and in fauna like birds and animals.


Do your bit to help your local bog (and your local planet) on Sunday!


If can come, please let Mike know on That will help us with planning.


Jeff Gunnell


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