Nov 02 2021

March for climate! Join us in Nottingham, Glasgow or Cardiff

Saturday 6 November will be the Global Day of Action where civil society organizations will gather in 10 cities across the UK to march during COP26, the UN climate summit.   The Woodland Trust will be taking part in Glasgow, Cardiff and Nottingham.  


We are choosing to march to ensure that nature is at the top of the agenda at COP. It is vital our world leaders understand that to limit global temperature rise to 1.5º, we must protect and restore or natural environment, especially our woodlands and wildlife.  


Join us! We will meet ahead of the marches to hand-out Woodland Trust placards and wristbands, and then set off to join the other nature organizations at the march assembly point. From there we will march together as a Nature and Biodiversity bloc, showcasing our love of nature through nature-themed placards, banners and costumes! 


To find out how to get involved, register your interest here. This way you will get the latest information on meeting points, timings and what to expect.  



More news on COP 

In addition to the marches, we have been working with our young supporters to organize tree planting on the Global Day of Action, 6th November. Planting will take place at the Young Peoples Forest at Mead and on university campuses via the Students for Trees Network. We have also been working in partnership with Raleigh International to engage their youth groups in this activity. 


We’ll show our government that young people care for nature and are willing to do everything in their power to look after it – and they must do the same. In this aim, we have also co-authored a letter to the Prime Minister letting him know young people will be planting trees across the UK, and asking him to do everything in his power to limit global temperature rise to 1.5º at COP26 by protecting our woods and trees.  


Not able to take part? 

If you’re unable to take part for any reason but still want to get involved, please help us make some noise on social media. Here are some suggested tweets: 


  • On Saturday 6 November, the @WoodlandTrust will be joining thousands of others marching in cities across the UK to call for action on #ClimateChange🌏 

Find out how you can join them #COP26 



  • On Saturday 6 November the @WoodlandTrust will be joining the Global Day of Action as world leaders meet to agree the global response to #ClimateChange🌏 

Find out how you can join them #COP26 



  • Join the @WoodlandTrust in Glasgow, Nottingham or Cardiff to #StandUpForTrees and climate action on Saturday 6 November🌏 

Get involved! 



You can also take part in Oxfam’s virtual world climate march:  

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