Oct 15 2021

The Big Climate Fightback is back for its third year!

The Big Climate Fightback is back for its third year! 

Yesterday saw the launch of this year’s Big Climate Fightback campaign, which aims to inspire and mobilise our supporters and green public audience to take a positive action – planting trees – to help in the fight against climate change.  

In addition to our PR activities, you’ll see the campaign across our website and social media as well our new TV advert which you might spot over the coming weeks!


Through the campaign we will highlight the climate challenges the UK faces; alongside a UK-wide nature-based solution – tree planting.  This brings the climate emergency closer to home, but also highlights that Things can change, and that one of these solutions is available to many across the country.

Please help us to share this message!

We are aiming to reach and engage with a mass green audience about the positive impact of tree planting on climate change. Please do share the campaign with your network and on social media.

Create your own social posts in line with the campaign messaging – Please use the hashtag #BigClimateFightback. Here are two sample posts to get you started: 


1.      The @WoodlandTrust is on a mission to get 50 million new native #trees in the ground to combat the climate crisis. 

Help them in their mission and join the #BigClimateFightback! http://www.woodlandtru.st/XVhXj  


2.      #Trees are a natural way to combat the climate crisis. They lock up carbon, fight flooding, and cool our cities🌳 

The @WoodlandTrust is on a mission to get 50 million more trees in the ground. 

Join them with the #BigClimateFightback! http://www.woodlandtru.st/XVhXj 

Read more about our campaign here: – The Big Climate Fightback – Woodland Trust 


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