Oct 07 2021

Personal safety app – Hollie guard


The Hollie Gazzard Trust was set up by Hollie Gazzard’s parents and family after her tragic murder in 2014. They wanted to help improve the safety of people at risk from domestic violence and violence in the street. Their organisation funds training, support, and guidance to help keep people safe, and they have launched an excellent personal safety app that I would recommend to our lone working staff and volunteers – they describe it below:


“Hollie Guard – we have developed an app which once downloaded turns your smartphone in to a personal safety device. With circa 150,000 downloads, Hollie Guard has become a go-to tool for police forces and other domestic abuse charities up and down the country to help victims of domestic abuse and stalking feel safe. In 2020, Hollie Guard Extra was launched offering a 24/7 monitoring


service. This provides direct access to a dedicated emergency response team who are fully equipped to assess your situation and are trained in appropriate escalation procedures. We also have Hollie Guard Business designed to keep your staff safe. Download Hollie Guard via your app store or visit www.hollieguard.com


Having downloaded the app and experimented with it, we think it’s great – once you set up your profile (which is quick and easy) you then have several facilities:


  • Set up a countdown timer that will raise the alarm with your emergency contact if you don’t switch it off
  • Have a duress button on screen that if you hold and press, it not only raises the alarm, but also gives your current location and transmits video with audio from your phone so your emergency contact can see what’s happening.
  • Activate a “Mandown” function in case you are incapacitated.


The full guide here shows you how it works: Hollie-Guard-User-Guide-V2-March-2021.pdf (holliegazzard.org)


Hollie Guard will send your buddy a text message saying you are in trouble with a link to access your exact location and video evidence from your phone (you must give it permission to access your camera).


It seems like an excellent addition for lone worker safety, is free to download, and is available from both Apple & Google Play. Search for Hollie Guard and give it a try.

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