Oct 07 2021

Driving safely in the colder months

As the days shorten and the weather gets colder driving a safe and well-maintained vehicle becomes even more important. Before the worst of winter hits us, we encourage all Woodland Trust drivers to make sure:


  • Safety critical features such as tyres, lights, brakes, and windscreen wipers are in good condition and working properly
  • Any scheduled servicing has been carried out
  • Emergency equipment suitable to the season is present (and in working condition) within the vehicle.


*Make sure you check these regularly throughout the year, and not just in wintertime


A recommended minimum safety equipment for winter driving includes:


  • A thermal blanket
  • A small up to date first aid kit
  • An item of high-viz clothing
  • A warning triangle or LED flare in case of an electrical breakdown
  • A robust, good quality LED torch with fresh batteries
  • A tow rope or strap if working in remote areas


Have a great Autumn and take care

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