Sep 28 2021

Setting young Scottish people up for a lifelong love of trees

It’s so important to engage young people in our work…to sew the seeds of a love for trees and woods that will hopefully last for the rest of their lives.


On Friday the 24th of September, pupils from Invergordon Academy taking part in the Rural Skills programme began a series of work sessions at our most northerly wood, Ledmore and Migdale. 



Over the course of their time with us, these pupils will learn a variety of skills such as team working, use of hand tools, tree identification, and safety as part of their qualification, while also playing a crucial role in developing this old non-native plantation clearfell into a new native woodland dominated by oak, extending Ledmore Oakwood SAC/ SSSI, the most northerly oakwood in the UK! 



The work is supported by Highlife Highland, who also provided a mean sausage sandwich at half time!


Ross Watson

Site Manager

North of Scotland

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