Sep 21 2021

Summer Tree ID at Penn Wood

At the beginning of September, the South East region hosted their Summer Tree Identification session in the lush green setting of Penn Wood in Amersham.  Eleven volunteers joined Outreach Manager Martin Hugi and James Stevenson, who is the Assistant Site Manager for the wood, for a whistle stop tour of tree biology in the classroom before an interactive session identifying trees  in the Wood.


With the Woodland Trust’s Leaf swatch book and worksheets to help identify the key features on the leaves of British broadleaf and conifer trees, the group set off on foot to inspect, identify and admire trees.


By the end of the morning the group knew how to tell the difference between the two different species of Britain’s most iconic tree, the pedunculate and sessile oaks.   They had a greater understanding of key features of the London Plane, compared to Norway Maple, and also explored evergreens in greater depth.  Conifers require the use of different leaf terminology in comparison to our deciduous broadleaf trees, with only three native conifers in the UK, we found out there are many more non-native and sometimes invasive, species to be found in our woodlands.


Steve Want who is a Volunteer Warden in South Oxfordshire said:


“I thoroughly enjoyed the tree ID session at Penn Wood, thank you.  It was very well organized and it is always good to meet real (as opposed to virtual) people and to meet more of the Woodland Trust staff.

In my role as warden, I cover six sites in South Oxfordshire and feel really motivated to make an effort to identify the trees I see when I am next in the woods.  For now, however, I plan to start with the ones in my garden!”


Martin and James’ mini mobile arboretum!



The Woodland Trust has a Tree ID App to help identify trees, you can also find useful resources for Tree ID for kids on our website here. 


Written by Lucy Shea, Volunteer Development Officer




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