Sep 08 2021

Sadie gets stuck in at Gardener’s World Live

“I’ve been a volunteer with the Wentwood working group in South Wales since 2020. We started just before Covid came and shut us down. It’s been a funny start to the group, grasping at any chance to get out in the woods when Covid rules allowed us, but spending a lot of time waiting, the same as the rest of the world. I’ve throughly enjoyed learning coppicing skills, getting to know the site, and of course, managing Himalayan balsam.


I never really thought about what else the Woodland Trust may be doing, as far as I was concerned it was all about working out in the woods. However, there is so much more to the charity, and when I saw an advert for event volunteers come out on social media I jumped at the chance to be involved.


I was lucky enough to volunteer at Gardener’s World Live this year, and I hope that I will be able to volunteer at more events in the future.


Before I even got to the venue I was supported by the team to organise transport and accomodation, was given information on how the venue was being Covid secure, and had a snazzy red volunteer t-shirt arranged.


On the day itself I was welcomed by all members of the team. Special mention has to go to Christina, who was my guardian angel the whole day, she was friendly and supportive and made me feel so comfortable. The whole team was wonderful, warm, passionate, engaging, friendly and funny; most importantly, they are all absolutely devoted to the work that the Woodland Trust do, and are amazing at sharing this with the public.


I was giving out trees, which was great fun. Seeing people of all ages, even children, genuinely excited and grateful to receive a tree was heartwarming.


I really enjoyed my time as an event volunteer – if you’ve never thought of doing it I thoroughly recommend it. It’s made me appreciate that there are many different aspects to the work that the Woodland Trust does and there are many different ways that we can help support it.”



Written by Sadie Young.


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