Sep 02 2021

New Belfast Hills site, Glas-na-Bradan Wood to be planted completely by the public

For the first time in the Woodland Trust’s history in Northern Ireland, our new site in the Belfast Hills newly named as Glas-na-Bradan Wood will be planted completely by the public. The planting, which will begin this year, will run as a five year programme completely involving the community and partners who neighbour the site.

The Woodland Trust is hoping to give local people a hands on experience by inviting them to become part of the planting project, and the opportunity to help create a new native woodland in the Belfast Hills.

Michelle McCaughtry, Engagement Officer for Woodland Trust Northern Ireland said:

“We really want people to feel like they own the site, because they have planted it themselves.

“We want to be able to say that every tree on the site has been planted by the local community. We will reach out to all our new neighbours including schools, youth groups, scouts, community groups to help us plant around 150,000 trees.

The Woodland Trust has engaged with many different groups of people for 25 years in Northern Ireland on its estate so that people develop a personal connection to their local woodland and continue to visit the trees they have planted. But the Woodland Trust wants to go even further on this venture by embarking on a longer-lasting five year planting programme.

Michelle continued: “In our experience, people do return to see how the trees they planted have grown, and we hope this will be the case with our new site in the Belfast Hills, so that future generations feel part of the woodland when it has matured.”

The first trees in the ground at the new site in the Belfast Hills will be planted later this year by local communities, the public and Halifax , who, as part of their 10-year partnership with the Woodland Trust, are supporting the creation of ten new woodlands across the UK through funding and colleague volunteering.

Our first planting events will take place this November with 6 events scheduled, If you would like to come along to a community planting event and help us plant the first trees please email Michelle at 

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