Aug 11 2021

Introducing our new ace volunteer reporter!

We are delighted to bring to you for the north region a new regular slot, with articles introducing you to some of our volunteers and volunteer managers from across the region.


And to start this off, we would very much like to introduce Daphne Pleace.


Daphne is our new volunteer reporter for Whittle, who has very kindly offered to research and produce these articles for us. She is a keen amateur naturalist and loves reading and writing about the natural world and maintains a regular blog. Daphne has had careers in education and as a psychotherapist, mentor and facilitator. As well as writing about nature, she is deeply committed to the practice of experiencing nature directly for improving her own and other people’s mental health. She has recently initiated the Nemetona Programme: a series of well-being workshops for individuals, small groups and organisations which are focused on and in the natural world.


Daphne loves woodlands (she spent a lot of her childhood in them) and adores all our native British trees, but her particular favourite is the hawthorn – in Celtic and Druidic mythology it’s the tree symbolic of the three life stages of woman: maiden, mother and crone. She enjoys all our birds too, though with her eyesight the way it is, she particularly appreciates large ones! And of those, the crane – another creature full of mythological meaning – is her favourite.Ā  But for Daphne, place of honour in the whole of British nature goes to the hare: and she’s very happy to report that since her move back to Yorkshire, she is seeing them once again. In ordinary reality, that is. In an alternative reality, Hare is with her all the time. And if you’re wondering about her sanity, what do you expect from a woman who metamorphosed into a tree to escape the unwanted attention of a Sun God?


A very big thank you to you for your support on this Daphne.


We very much hope you enjoy reading and learning about just a few of the fantastic volunteers who form part of our north England team, out there supporting our cause.


Claire Green- Volunteer Development Officer, North

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