Jul 27 2021

Love your woods

Our woods are home to amazing plants and animals – often harbouring endangered and fragile native wildlife – and they’re all free for people to enjoy responsibly.


However, throughout the pandemic and lockdown we have seen so many more people discover their local woodlands and spending time outdoors. Of course, this is fantastic to see, however, this increased footfall has had a significant impact on the sites and with new audiences finding these woodlands, some are unaware of how to behave responsibly within them or what impact their behaviours can have on the woodland.


This is why we’ve launched the always-on Love your Woods campaign. The aim of this campaign is to help these new audiences understand why we are asking them to behave in a certain way – leading with the reason why and ensuring to make it about positive action.


We also want to reassure our existing warm audiences that we are aware of the impact the influx of visitors can and have had on some of our sites and asking them to help lead by example.


How can you help?


Take a look at the Love Your Woods webpage and help us share the messages.


If you have any opportunities to weave these messages into any conversations or emails with your respective audiences that would be fantastic.


Keep your eyes peeled on the Woodland Trust and Coed Cadw’s various social media channels and share content. Also, if you have your own social media channels, why not weave in some of the Love Your Woods messaging on the landing page to some of your posts? Using the hashtag #loveyourwoods


How else are we talking to people about Love Your Woods


  • Posters

If you visit some of our woods you may spot our eye catching posters highlighting the top ways visitors can help within that woodland.


  • PR & Social media campaign

There will always be ongoing opportunities to utilise PR & Social media for this campaign with key moments throughout the year. Today the campaign has been launched through a press release highlighting a plea of don’t light fires https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/press-centre/2021/07/no-fires-summer-plea/


  • New volunteer role – Woodland Welcomers

Having these volunteers support at entrances during busy periods will have two benefits for us – it will signal that there is a Woodland Trust presence on site, helping to deter unwanted behaviour, and will also give us the opportunity to explain our messages to the visitors and get them on board.


  • Short films

These will be developed over the coming months and will feature different estate and operations staff from around the UK which can be shared on social.


  • Evaluation

We’ll be undertaking on site surveys at approx. 10 woods across the UK imminently to get a baseline, with follow up evaluation activity planned for over the next 12 months. We’ll also be using data from supporter services on complaints and financial info on costs of clean – ups/ repairs due to anti-social behaviour over recent years with a view to comparing this after 12 months of the campaign being live. This will help us understand people’s motivations for visiting and the messages which resonate with them.


Some of the imagery we are using can be found here:



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  • JamesLow

    Very nice posters but is there a reason that there is not a version in Scottish gaelic?

    Can you provide further details about the factors to be taken into account in regard to establishing a “baseline” in the evaluations. It is not entirely clear what is intended and its purpose.

    July 27, 2021 at 7:34 pm
  • JamesLow

    Gradh do choilltean

    August 1, 2021 at 9:54 pm

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