Jul 26 2021

“Camera-dodging” osprey chicks revealed

Loch Arkaig Pine Forest’s 2021 chicks. Photo by Lewis Pate


Two osprey chicks that dodged the gaze of online fans this summer are finally on view with the release of pictures and video taken when they were ringed.

A nest camera supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery has been beaming out live action from the Trust’s Loch Arkaig Pine Forest in Lochaber since 2017.

This year only one of the adult ospreys returned and was lured away by a new mate to another nest several kilometres away in the forest.

The camera nest has lain empty for most of the summer and fans of the livestream have been deprived of viewing an osprey family at Loch Arkaig this year.

But now the two chicks have been filmed and photographed by ringer Lewis Pate, who also built the nesting platform where they were raised.

The two chicks are believed to be male and have the ring numbers – LW3 and LW4.

Resident pair Louis and Aila were expected back at Loch Arkaig around 5th of April this year. High winds held up quite a few migrating birds and Louis did not make an appearance until April 11th. Aila failed to appear at all. There is a chance she may have been blown off course and has made the best of it elsewhere this summer, but it may be that she has perished.

Louis had interest from a handful of other females and in the end followed one of them off to the new platform. He was last seen on the camera nest at the start of May.

Another young pair of ospreys showed some interest in the camera nest but proved too inexperienced to breed this year.


Pics by Lewis Pate

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