Jul 15 2021

Further Covid recovery…

Given the announcements by the English and Scottish governments this week we thought we would give you an update of what that means for us at the Trust.


In England from 19 July the changes are:

  • No limits on how many people can meet, but try to meet outside where possible.
  • Face coverings no longer a legal requirement, but recommended in crowded places, such as public transport.
  • Guidance to not travel removed
  • Instruction to work from home removed


In Scotland from 19 July, the changes are:

  • Up to 10 people indoors
  • Up to 15 people outdoors with no social distancing, but if they interact with another group 1m+ distancing is required
  • Indoor social distances will drop to 1m
  • Face coverings must still be worn indoors
  • People should carry on working from home until at least 9 August.


Wales and Northern Ireland have stated they will review their further easing of measures in due course, so the previous restrictions all remain for now.


So, what’s this mean for England & Scotland?

  • In terms of our volunteer groups and events larger groups can now meet.
  • Volunteers may share tools again – power tools were permitted in the last easing but only if volunteers are in posession of a valid permit.
  • Equipment such as iPads may be shared, but we would advise to still use plenty of hand sanitiser
  • Car sharing has been permitted for a while, but we would advise people to keep windows open and if requested by a fellow passenger occupants wear face coverings.
  • Larger meetings are allowed indoors *see below for a caveat.
  • The advice to avoid public transport is lifted, but you must follow government rules on face coverings, maintain good hygiene standards and we’d advise against travelling at peak times.


So – moving in a very positive way which is great to see. However, we’ll repeat the phrase we’ve used in this update before.


Just because we can, does not mean we must



Younger people have still not been fully vaccinated, some people maybe immunocompromised meaning they cannot have the jab, or they could be caring for someone who is.


Woodland Trust staff and volunteers must be mindful of this and not make people feel uncomfortable.


Until we know more about the future of SAR’s CoV2 and its variants we must remain flexible and continue to use risk assessment that creates our own safe way of working.


In everything we do, high standards of personal hygiene and responsibility are essential.


Our up-to-date Covid risk assessment is attached for your information.



Best wishes


The National Volunteering Team

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