Jul 12 2021

Summer Activity at Young People’s Forest

There’s lots going on at the Young People’s Forest at Mead this summer starting off with a series of  Woodland Workshops for 11 -14 year olds. Themes cover, nature and art, forest food webs and animal homes, these will run for 5 days over the summer holidays.

Also in August we are hosting two days of community consultation looking at future interpretation and seeking feedback to the concepts. It will be a great opportunity to update people on the project, put out some family trails and sketch plans for the community orchard.
Later this month and continuing into August we have set up a Creative Hub  and are looking for some “older”  young people  (16-20) to work on the youth brand, creating content to support campaigns and designs site features!
Alongside all of this there is the Youth Forum which young people aged 16- 20 can join to support the future direction of the Mead Project and help gain experience working alongside staff and vols from the Trust.
……and finally Mead Fest  –  A BREATH OF FRESH AIR,  will be landing soon on the 18th September. It’s a festival for the young people with lots of fun activities planned and hosted by young people. Highlights include a colour run and battle of the Bands completion.
If any one would like further information please do get in touch.
Paul Bunton – Engagement and Communications Officer, North
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