Jul 07 2021

Wildfire Risk in the UK – Webinar



Climate change has sadly meant that wildfire has become much more of a risk in the UK than previously and unfortunately will continue to be so in the future. Fire & Rescue Services are very clear in their message that there will be an increasing threat to peoples safety and property caused by fires that spread from rural to urban environments.


As many of your already know in 2018 we suffered with a huge Wildfire at Winter Hill in Bolton – our Smithills Estate.


During the last few years the Woodland Trust has done a lot of work in wildfire prevention and combat, join us for an informative Webinar with the Trust’s Head of Health & Safety Nick Hall to learn about the work we are doing and how we can all do our bit individually to reduce the risk to homes, property and the landscape where we live and work.


The webinar will cover:


  • The effects of climate change and the growing risk we face from wildfires.
  • Types of wildfires and wildfire behaviour·
  • Woodland Trust precautions and control measures.
  • The importance of managing fuel load.
  • Wildfire Response Team Deployment
  • Two case studies of higher risk Woodland Trust sites, and the recent work they have been doing to manage their wildfire risks.


This session is specifically aimed at our volunteers and volunteers and staff from partner organisations. Please feel free to share this amongst your fellow volunteers.

You can watch the webinar at any time here

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