Jun 25 2021

University Students get Digging at Mead

Two second year students from the University of Nottingham, Tilly and Lewis, have just completed 5 weeks of work experience with me and Emily Moore at the Young People’s Forest, Mead, they spent two days a week with us and during that period and were set the task of developing and delivering a project to create wetland scrapes. This is in an interesting area of the site where we recently constructed three wildflower / butterfly banks from spoil left over from the access road build on site.

They undertook a variety of activities on site which included –

  • Learning how to accurately map the existing features in the area in question on the ground.
  • Speaking to local conservation and wildlife experts including our own Darren Moorcroft and Ruth Hyde.
  • Developing a plan for the location, shape etc. of the scrapes on site.
  • Laying felt mats for reptile monitoring and learning how to carry out a butterfly transect.
  • Pond dipping existing ponds to investigate what aquatic life was present.
  • Consulting with and taking part in tasks with the Young Peoples Forum at YPF Mead.
  • Updating and monitoring site management plans.
  • Physically constructing the new wet scrapes themselves and through the management of contractors on site,
  • They  also spread additional wildflower seed as part of this week.

Both Tilly and Lewis got a lot out of the placement and it was good for us to support them in their work experience and get a fantastic new habitat as a result!

If you would like any more information please contact – Chris Williams, Site Manager, Mead Young Peoples Forest

Paul Bunton – North Communications and Engagement Manager

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