Jun 10 2021

Ancient Tree Walk in Duncombe Park

Volunteers Alan Hunton and Judy Dowling led a wonderful walk through part of Duncombe Estate yesterday, 9th June, to view ancient and veteran trees and explain the WT’s Ancient Tree Inventory. The event was hosted by Sam Lewsey of Ryevitalise and was open to the general public with restricted numbers to be COVID compliant.

The Duncombe Estate contains several hundredĀ  veteran and ancient trees and we were able to show the attendees a range of species and trees of different status. Over the past 18 months the WT and Ryevitalise has cooperated in mapping the area north of the River Rye and this was a good opportunity to showcase the partnership. As usual, the weather in North Yorkshire was perfect

Alan Hunton – Lead ATI Volunteer Verifier

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