Jun 03 2021

Warden update from Bucks/Berks and Oxon!

This Volunteers Week 2021, we celebrate all volunteers, not least our fantastic wardens who have been tirelessly monitoring and supporting sites throughout COVID and beyond (yes, there is a beyond, we promise!)
One such busy volunteer is Steve, who covers several woods on his patch. This week, he had a common problem to deal with but with some unexpected help…
“I visited Old Copse in Sonning Common this week only to find in the centre of the wood an area absolutely strewn with litter. It was appalling! I returned today with my black bags and gloves only to find that some unknown person had beaten me to it and cleared every scrap of litter!
I’ve long known that there are others who collect the litter but this was on a large scale. When something good like this happens, I thank whoever the anonymous person/people via our local Sonning Common Nextdoor website. I like to think that this encourages more litter clearers.
The photo below is of today’s ‘haul’ from the wood of big stuff. Three car tyres? I can’t imagine why people drag car tyres into the woods to dump them. What could they possibly be doing with them?”

Littering and flytipping is a common problem for our sites, that we rely on wardens to report.

The mind does indeed boggle. Thank you, Steve, and all of our volunteer wardens.
If you would like to share your experiences with others, we have our first warden networking call in the SE, taking place on Zoom om Wednesday 9th June, 7- 8pm. Please let us know if you would like to attend by emailing SEVolunteering@woodlandtrust.org.uk
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