Jun 01 2021

Thank you from Darren




National Volunteers’ Week is already upon us. But just like last year it’s not without it challenges! Things continue to be very different again this year and we’re unable to celebrate with you in our usual way, but we remain positive and we’ve already seen a successful return back to some form of normality over the last few weeks.


For so much of the last year, many of you will have again been unable to make your valuable contribution – whether in our woods, running events, leading guided walks, carrying out vital conservation work or the myriad of ways in which you support our woods and trees, and the nature and people that depend on them. We have all very much missed working with you over the last 12+ months.


Although it has been an unprecedented time, and you’ve had to down tools for so much longer than initially expected, on behalf of all of us, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you just how appreciated you are.  Our teams have worked so hard on ways to get many of you back in action whilst keeping you safe, and it’s heart-warming to hear about the difference you are already making.


As we celebrate National Volunteers’ Week, I want to thank you for continuing to give up your time for our cause throughout the year and offering your dedicated support to us during this time. I am very proud of what all of us collectively achieve at The Woodland Trust, and you are integral to those achievements.


So, here’s to the next 12 months, and to you and your 3000+ strong workforce of fellow volunteers sharing the vision for a UK rich in native woods and trees and helping make it a reality.


With warmest wishes



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  • JamesLow

    Hi Darren,

    Is there any liklihood of the volunteers facebook page being resurrected soon?

    Jim Low, Vol Woodland Warden etc.

    June 4, 2021 at 10:24 pm

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