May 27 2021

3.5m Snaizeholme Appeal Goes Live

24th May saw the launch of our 1st appeal for 2021 and it’s been worth waiting for!  We have the opportunity to purchase 550 acres of moorland not far from Hawes, Wensleydale in the Yorkshire Dales.

Called Snaizeholme, this fabulous prospect we allow us to restore an upland environment with trees, shrubs, meadows and peatland. Close to the Pennine Bridleway it will enable visitors to see, how with sensitive management, a landscape such as this can be transformed into a rich wooded environment for the benefit of people and wildlife.  The site currently has very little woodland cover, especially on the higher slopes, however it does support areas of mixed woodland in the valley that are home to a population of red squirrels so our scheme will help to sustain and enhance the species range. The project has the added advantage as being within the Northern Forest and will become one of our flagship sites in the region.

A big thank you has to go to the individuals and teams that have worked really hard to get us to this point with the appeal going live today.

Aerial drone photo credit  – James Reader – WTML/ Front Row Films


Paul Bunton- Engagement and Communication Officer, North

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