May 25 2021

Serious Fun for Rescue Dogs at Glen Devon

Nell is a trainee dog with Lomond Mountain Rescue.



Woodland Trust Scotland’s Glen Devon Woodlands have hosted a mountain rescue exercise run by the Ochils Mountain Rescue Team and the Search and Rescue Dog Association Southern Scotland.


Glen Devon is the collective name for three separate native woodlands in the area – Glen Quey, Glen Sherup and Geordie’s Wood. 


There have been three real callouts in the area over the last two years so we see hosting these exercises as valuable for visitor welfare.


The scenario was – a group of walkers had been separated in bad weather (although it was a lovely day). Four Dog teams (search dog + handler) from Ochils Mountain Rescue, Lomond Mountain Rescue, Tayside Mountain rescue and Tweed Valley Mountain Rescue took part to search the hill to find volunteer “bodies” who had hidden themselves from view. 


These exercises give the dogs some fun when they find people which is important in maintaining their abilities. Often on real life callouts they search for hours on end with no result. 


Qualified rescuers – Evie of Ochils MRT and Tymbal of Tayside MRT



George Anderson

Scotland PR and Communications Officer

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