May 11 2021

The joys of Spring at Butcher’s Wood

Butcher’s Wood in Sussex is a marvellous place to visit, not least because of the sterling work done by the volunteering team, who have been busy in one form or another for decades! We are fortunate that some of the group originally involved in the woodland are still involved today and have been extremely supportive as volunteer numbers have expanded. Butcher’s really is very special.

Spring of course is a prime time for nature to show of her colours and we were delighted to get an update from the Warden team who have been out and about speaking to visitors (safely at a distance, of course!). Linda, Mick and Tom also sent some fabulous photographs, and another local artist, James Ward, has allowed us to share his perspective on this beautiful time of year at the wood. Many of the photos show the area in which the Woodland Working Group have been clearing in the winter months in the past few years – great to see their work has made such an impact. Thanks also to Tom for his picture of the only orchid currently visible and the update that he saw a stoat recently!


Linda says:

‘The wood has been very busy. No specific head count, but I guesstimate there could have been in the region of up to 500 Visitors over the three days of the first May bank holiday weekend. Both Mick and myself had enjoyable chats with a great number of individuals, couples and family groups.

Neither of us saw any dropped litter, nor any dog mess or bags, just a couple of attempted camps, so all in all a really great experience for all the visitors and for us too’.



We hope you enjoy the fabulous portraits of this gorgeous site and that you are able to enjoy all that this season has to offer, wherever you are in the region.


Thank you as always to all of our volunteers and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Words: Linda Fitter Volunteer Warden for Butcher’s Wood and Anna Claxton, Volunteer Development Officer 

Photographs: Linda Fitter and Tom Drake- Lee and James Ward, Local Artist (with permission)

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